Calindros is a project conceived as acoustic cartography that merges two iconic sounds: on one hand, the chimes located in Berlin and, on the other, the cylinders -also known as organ grinders- from Mexico City. The experience’s objective is to perform territorial navigation of the sounds, presented in a networked audiovisual sound experience whose starting point was the recording of chimes and cylinders. The free navigation of the sonorous territory allows the generation of unique and individual interpretations and explorations that produce results of surprising symbiosis.

In each exploration, a “territory” of a thousand sounds with timbral proximity is generated, with the sounds randomly distributed in space. The sounds of the chimes are associated with cones and the sounds of the organ players are associated with dodecahedra. The color of each object is associated with the average frequency of each sound, generating a visual gradient where bass sounds are red and treble sounds increasingly yellow. A dotted line generates the optimal timbral similarity path. Navigation with the most subtle transitions between sounds. A third visual group with cylindrical objects are fragments previously processed with some type of sound synthesis.

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