ECoG - electrocorticography

The artistic piece ECoG aims to represent the difference between manipulating the externals and the internals of the piano. The piece was created by algorithmically manipulating three short fragments of an acoustic piano. The exact same process is applied to the three fragments generating the same structure but different sound quality.

The concept for this project roots in the idea of electroencephalography. The electroencephalography is a medical and research technique that allows us to register the different waves produced in the brain. In order to detect many of these waves, it is enough to place electrodes on the scalp of the subject. However, in order to detect some of the other waves of less “visibility”, it is necessary to insert microelectrodes inside the brain. This technique is known as electrocorticography (ECoG).

The original piece was created in the Ambisonics format at the studios of the “Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media” at the University of Washington in September 2008.