Sonoridad Delta

Delta 16.57 / -99.00 is a public sound installation; It is a listener that, in an analogous way to traditional viewpoints, invites you to take an acoustic look at the sea. The main objective is the sound contemplation of a natural environment with an acoustic background that at first glance seemed simple but with a directed and attentive listening that offers a rich composition of events and narrative.

A few kilometers from here, at latitude 16.57 / -99.00 the Copala river empties into the sea. There, a bar waits every year for the rainy season to open and release the freshwater that the river has accumulated in the lagoon for a long time. This poetic image of a slow infatuation that is filled each year between saltwater and freshwater is the poetic image that triggers the narrative and the concept of this work.

The work consists of an elevated parabolic shaped structure where the pure sound of the sea is naturally amplified due to the shape of the structure while combining with digitally generated sounds. Digital sounds are derived from the meteorological information received by the sensors of luminosity, humidity, amount of rain, the color of the sea, pressure, temperature, direction, and speed of the wind. A microcomputer analyzes this information and generates electronic sounds.