Niño con acordeón

Medium: Hyperdirectional horn and field recording.

Traditionally, the concept of accusatic music is defined as music made with sounds from which the sound source is not observed. This work plays with this concept in a radical way by creating an acoustic illusion in the opposite sidewalk of the museum where, using a hyperdirectional horn, he listens to the recording of two young street musicians who are handled daily in that area. Just as accusative music hides the sound source, our society often hides and hides child labor and makes social differences. In this sense, the piece is a tribute and tribute to the street musicians of Oaxaca and especially to the two children who work playing and singing in the afternoons at the door of the museum.

On the other hand, using these sound materials that coexist daily with the museum, the border between the venue, the exhibition and the street is blurred; especially because this piece, despite being mounted inside the museum, must be specifically appreciated in the pedestrian corridor of Macedonio Alcalá street a few meters from MACO where the viewer must walk slowly with careful listening to affect the focal effect of the sound and discover the sound track of the musicians on the wall.

To be able to perform the sound effect on the sound that seems to be generated by the wall itself, a hyperdirectional horn is used that works in a similar way to the laser light. In these speakers, the scattering angle does not open with distance, allowing sounds to be strutted over long distances.