Plurifocal Events Controller

The Plurifocal Event Controller is a personalized electronic device that allows the generation of analog sound to spread over large physical spaces. Objects, containers, jars, walls, windows, etc. They can be struck, rubbed, brushed, or scratched with solenoids and modulated DC motors. A set with these electronic devices allows precise control of the mechanical equipment. The Plurifocal Event Controller was designed, built, and programmed by me. Each module has a main microcontroller, a wireless communication module, a set of voltage regulators, and a set of input and output ports. The module works in conjunction with a power supply board and the assembly allows the control of motors and solenoids. With a computer and using a custom protocol, a collection of these modules can be controlled wirelessly to generate synchronized events distributed over long distances. Fifty modules were manufactured during 2011 and used in various creative projects. So far two different versions have been created; the first functioned as a proof of concept and the second has been used in various installations that broadcast analog sounds in areas of different dimensions.

The Plurifocal Event Controller uses a set of standard integrated circuits and secondary electronic components such as voltage regulators, capacitors, LEDs, resistors, and clocks. The core of the system is a microcontroller and a ZigBit module. All components are mounted on a two-sided printed circuit board designed in Eagle software and manufactured externally in a PCB board factory using professional screen printing, the main business method for high-volume production.

powermoduleboardb.pdf (31.64 kB) powermoduleschematicsb.pdf (17.85 kB) wirelesscontroller002schematicsb.pdf (37.44 kB) pecdiagramv1.pdf (2.85 MB) wirelesscontroller002boardbb.pdf (34.34 kB)